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February 8, 2003

Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasion Height: 5ft 10in to 6ft 0in Weight: above 170 lbs Onset Age: 61+ Age Now: 61+ Family Diabetes: None Treatment: Diet only HbA1c: Unknown Medication: None Meter: LifeScan Tests: 3-4 times/day Exercise: 5+ times/week Diet: Unknown Supplements: None

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes during December 2002. After initial lab test results, the lab tests were repeated on December 21, 2002 to confirm the suspicions from the first results. I had no clue why I was being asked to return to the clinic for another test. A short time later I received a phone call to come in and visit with my health care provider.

On my physical and checkup a year earlier I was assured there was no sign of diabetes. I did however need to start to take lipitor to reduce my LDL and HDL cholestrol. At the time, I was advised I also had high levels of triglycerides The lipitor worked wonders and my cholesterol levels dropped under 200. I was elated but continued on my, more than enough, intake of "THE GOOD FOODS OF LIFE". My weight was more than it should be, reaching 215 lbs, for my
height and bone structure.

Despite outgrowing many of my outfits, I continued my restaurant meals with ample food, wine and alcohol. For those who have come face-to-face with Diabetes, mine is a familiar story. It was equally difficult to admitt to myself that I too was Diabetic and that what other people warned me
about my eating habits was "coming home to roost!" I'm hopeful that I won't have to take insulin or oral medications to keep my glucose levels under control. Apparently my first reading was 160 mg/dL (8.9mmol/L). I was fortunate that it was detected early, although I've probably been in the development stages of the disease for some time. I'm sure it will now be a struggle to control for the rest of my life. However, my family on both parents sides have lived long healthy lives. I hope to do the same.

I'm pretty focused on diet and exercise as the means of controling the impact the disease will have on the rest of my life. The role of exercise in my case can't be over emphasised. When I spend 20 minutes or more on my Northland Vita Master"cross country ski machine, I usually notice a
drop of 40 to 50 points (mg/dL) in my glucose reading within 30 minutes. When I'm "chuggin away at my Northland", it isn't a pretty sight but the weight loss benefits make it possible to cinch-up 2 buckle holes further in my belt than I've been able to go in a long time. Between those two benefits, need I say more!

Since diagnosis, my outlook has brightened and I hope others dealing with this disease experience good results and personal success. Thanks for reading my little piece!