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April 29, 2002
Gender: Female Ethnicity: African Height: 5ft 4in to 5ft 6in Weight: above 170 lbs Onset Age: under 20 Age Now: under 20 Family Diabetes: Father Treatment: Diet&Insulin HbA1c: Unknown Medication: Insulin Meter: Other Tests: 1-2 times/day Exercise: 1-2 times/week Diet: Diabetic (20/20/60) Supplements: None

Hello my name is LaToya and I am a diabetic. I am only 17 years of age. My father and my aunt has diabeties as well.

When I first found out I had diabeties I was devastated. I was using the bathroom a lot, driking a lot, discharge, and I also was losing weight. I thought having diabeties was going to ruin my whole entire life. I started to go to my diabeties educator and read books. I learned all I have to do is eat right, check my sugar, take my insulin,eat right and everything will be alright and I can live a long healthier life. I have been diagnosed with diabeties for two months.

I know I can and I will fight this disease.