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March 13, 2002
Gender: Feale Ethnicity: Caucasion Height: 5ft 0in to 5ft 3in Weight: 150-170 lbs Onset Age: 31-40 Age Now: 40-50 Family Diabetes: Father Treatment: Diet, Oral, Insulin HbA1c: 7.3 Medication: Combination Meter: Other Tests: 3-4 times/day Exercise: 3-4 times/week Diet: Diabetic (20/20/60) Supplements: see multivitamin

Had gestational diabetes at 23. Later at 36 I was diagnosed and started with diet/exercise and then finally had to go on to Amaryl, Lantus, Humulin R insulins. I inject 7 U of R, 40 U of Lantus and take 8 mg of Amaryl daily.

My hobbies are grandchildren, cooking, reading and exercising. I manage my HOA and when I have free time, I like exchanging recipes/ideas with fellow diabetics. I send out Diabetic Memos to other members and if interested you can e-mail me at