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April 8 2002
Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasion Height: 5ft 0in to 5ft 3in Weight: above 170 lbs Onset Age: 31-40 Age Now: 31-40 Family Diabetes: Both parents Treatment: Oral only HbA1c: 6.0 Medication: Metformin,Glucophage Meter: Other Tests: 1-2 times/day Exercise: 3-4 times/week Diet: Diabetic (20/20/60) Supplements: Maxi Hair, Vitamin E, Calcium, Aspirin

I was diagnosed in October of 2001. I started a weight loss program and was loosing weight rapidly. I was also having other symptoms such as blurred vision. I did not think much of it until I started having foot pain. I went to see my doctor and was told I had Plantar Facitis (a foot tendon problem) and was sent home with exercises and pain meds.

I was also tested for low potassium while I was there due to leg cramps. I received a call that evening at midnight asking if I felt OK, I was at 640. They said I should go to the hospital immediately, I said I felt fine. Next morning I went to my doctor and was tested again. Over 600 then as well. I was hospitalized. My foot problem was worse, I was severely dehydrated, and had dangerously low potassium levels. I finally convinced them something else was going on and they diagnosed a large blood clot in my leg.

In the hospital for 6 days. Everything that could go wrong did. I was on insulin for about 2 months out of the hospital then chaneged to Glucophage which I take now. I have lost 85 lbs so far and my numbers are excellent. Luckily I can eat anything I want but I have learned small portions are the way for me and no desserts because I choose not to. I exercise and hope to be off Glucophage by the end of this year and control it with diet and exercise. I hope to continue to loose weight and stay healthy for many years to come.