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May 23, 2002
Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasion Height: 5ft 0in to 5ft 3in Weight: under 130 lbs Onset Age: 20-30 Age Now: 31-40 Family Diabetes: Grandparent Treatment: Insulin only Medication: Insulin Meter: LifeScan Tests: 5-6 times/day Exercise: 1-2 times/week Diet: Other Supplements: Alphabetic

I am a 34 year old, Type 2 Diabetic.

I had lost approximately 25lbs just under a two-year period by watching what I was eating and incorporating a lot of water. Not realizing that the increased thirst symptoms were really Diabetes. In May of 1999, during a routine gyno exam, by doctor asked me if I knew that I had an irregular heart beat. I have had annual exams/check-ups for the last 7 years with my primary doctor, and never once did the issue come up. In any event, she indicated that she was sure that it wasn't anything serious, but that I should get it checked out. Of course, next morning, I was on the phone with my primary, demanding an emergency visit. During the examination, I had an EKG done; which did show an extra skip in my heart, but nothing to be alarmed by (ironically, during a recent exam, I no longer have the skip). I also had blood work done.

Two days later.. just after my 32nd birthday... I received a phone call from my doctor. The conversation went like this...

"Hello, Christine, this is Dr* your blood results are in... you have Diabetes... I need to see you.. how soon can you make it?"

Needless to say, my mouth dropped to the floor. My inital BG was 356mg/dL (19.8mmol/L). Initially, my family took the news much worse than I did ... can you say denial? My brother-in-law is a Diabetic, Type 1, and they see what he goes through and only thought of what I would have to endure. Then the games began.

My primary physician started me on Glucophage 500ml (2x) and Glipizide 5ml (1x); however, after a few months had passed, no change had occured in my BGs. My medication was increased to Glucophage 1000 (2x), Glipizide 5ml (2x) and a third agent, Prandin 1ml (3x). I had never had to take so much medication at one time. Time had passed... still not seeing any drastic results with the medication - BGs were still too high. What didn't help is that I didn't receive any counselling whatsoever until recently.

In January 2002, I demanded that my primary physician refer me to an endocrinologist. Immediately after my first appointment, I was provided with appointments for classes for diabetes education and a nutritionist. Why didn't I receive this information when I was initally diagnosed? I couldn't tell you. Most of the education/information I learned, was from my own research (via internet/family/friends). I have a twin sister whose husband is also a Diabetic (Type 1), so she was very helpful.

I was very upset over the lack of attention I received. Today, it's a different story. I started insulin injections in February 2002; to which I am still adjusting to the whole shot thing, and counting carbs. My Mom told me that I could also go as a pin cushion for Halloween.... But through the support and care from St. Peter's Diabetes Care & Control Center in New Brunswick, NJ, I am confident that I am finally on my way to better control of this disease. Thank God I have a sense of humor. I am a true believer of everything happening for a reason. Just taking it day by day and realizing what my true priorities are.... life is too short!