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November 15, 2001
Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasion Height: 5ft 4in to 5ft 6in Weight: 130-149 lbs Onset Age: 61+ Age Now: 61+ Family Diabetes: None Treatment: Diet&Oral Medication: Starlix Meter: LifeScan Tests: 1-2 times/day Exercise: 5+ times/week Diet: Healthy (15/15/70) Supplements: see details

I've been a Type 2 Diabetic for approximately 10 years. I'm currently on Starlix (3 times daily before each meal) but prior to that I was on Glyset, and before that Glucophage, and before that Amaryl. I initially started out on just diet and excercise. I started on Starlix shorted after my 75th birthday; it seems to be A okay. My last HbA1c was practically normal (4.9%) but I am still a diabetic but with very good control.

My husband Jerry and I have been married for 54 years and have raised two happily-married children Ric (46) and Sheila (52). I'm Vegan but Jerry is a "meat and potatoes" man, my evening challenge is going out for a bite to eat with him. We currently live in Miami, Florida but for most of our married life we lived in Newport, Rhode Island. Our son and his family now own and live in the old homestead.


I eat almost the same breakfast daily. I switch between Kashi puffed cereal and Grapenut's with one tablespoon of fresh-ground flaxseed, a small banana, and soy reconstituted milk (Better Than Milk). Because I am totally Vegan, I don't eat any animal products, I need the flaxseed for the omega 3 and 6 EFAs that it provides and the soy milk for my protein. I use a number of supplements and drugs.

I use Starlix before each meal and believe it or not I'm on Pravachol beause my cholesterol was higher than my endocrinologist would like it. I also have atrial fibrillation and take Verapamil for that condition but my heart doctor recently gave me samples of Covera (240mg) to try, I also use Coumadin and Digoxin for the same condition. I sometimes take Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil and everyone complements me on my skin. I drink a lot of water because I live in the tropics and to flush out any body impurities. I think it is important to drink water before you get thirsty; if you wait until you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

I use a lot of soy products and lots of fruits and vegatables. I try to follow John McDougall's diet; I spent a lot of money and time in his live-in program in Napa Valley to learn how to be a proper Vegan.

I excercise at a fitness center 4-5 times a week. I walk on a treadmill and ride a stationary bike. My heart rate goes to 120 or so. I have only been Vegan for three years but it has helped to control my weight and I look and feel a lot better. Last year I had a total hip replacement and am doing just fine now. It took a lot of energy to recoop.


This is the list of over-the-counter supplements that I take daily....

  • Multivitamin with minerals
  • Ester C 500mg with 200mg bioflavonoids
  • Folic Acid, 800mcg
  • CardioQ10 that also has 400 IU of Vitamin E and 50mcg Selenium
  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid) that also has 30 IU of Vitamin E and 200mg Vitamin C


Here's my drug list...

  • Lanoxin (Digoxin) 0.25mg 3 times/week and 0.125 4 times/week
  • Verapamil (Covera) 240mg/day
  • Coumadin (Warfarin) 2.5 once a week and 1.25 6 times/ week
  • Starlix, 120mg before each meal (for the diabetes)
  • Pravachol 40mg (med to lower cholesterol)
  • Maxzide 1/2 tablet 3 times/week (a diaretic to make sure I don't have swollen ankles)