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Month Comments
December 2002 Stopped Manerix because I don't think i need it any more, but I will be monitoring how I feel very closely throughout the next few months. My annual checkup in December indicated no major problems and my HbA1c has been under 6% for 9 months now. My annual eye checkup showed no deterioration or diabetic complications.
June - Nov 2002 Although I believe it is of benefit, because of cost I've had to stop taking Lecithin. I'm investigating ways of adding Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10 back into my diet. Manerix at 300mg/day seems to be working for me and I returned to work on June 10. I've discovered that taking one Metformin pill just before bedtime (usually around 10:00pm) helps to lower my morning fasting level (from around 8 to under 7mmol/L).
May 2002 Increased Serzone to 300mg/day but stopped later in month and started Manerix at 300mg/day. Started taking 120mg of Starlix immediately before lunch and dinner (didn't have much effect before breakfast). Started using Viagra. Although I believe they are of benefit I've had to stop the following because of cost: Grape Seed Extract, Bilberry, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Ginkgo Biloba, SuperVision, & Ginseng. Increased Vitamin C from 1500 to 2500mg/day and bioflavonoids from 500 to 1000mg/day (to make up for those lost from Grape Seed Extract & Bilberry). Increased Folic Acid from 0.8 to 2mg/day (to try and reduce my Homocysteine level). Increased Chromium from 300 to 350mcg/day. Decreased Biotin from 2100 to 100mcg/day and Vanadium from 150 to 50mcg/day.
April 2002 Started Serzone at 100mg/day and increased to 200mg/day after 7 days. Stopped St. John's Wort (because it wasn't working!)
March 2002 The Natural Pharmacist has a new owner who has, unfortunately and very short-sightedly in my opinion, stopped free online access to their supplement database; also, many of the links are no longer valid. I've changed most of my supplement links to,, or Increased Biotin from 100 to 2100mcg/day. Reduced EFA from 2 to 1tbsp/day. Reduced Saw Palmetto from 640 to 320mg/day. Reduced Vitamin C from 2500 to 1500mg/day. Increased Ginkgo Biloba from 120 to 160mg/day. Reduced Grape Seed Extract from 200 to 100mg/day.
February 2002 Stopped Kava after reading a Health Canada Advisory against its use because of liver toxicity concerns. Stopped Actos and restarted Metformin again at 1000mg/day.
January 2002 Started Saw Palmetto at 640mg/day. Stopped Metformin and started Actos at 15mg/day. Reduced Vitamin E from 1100 to 700iu. Reduced Selenium from 250 to 150mcg/day. Reduced Inositol from 254 to 152mg/day. Reduced Ginkgo Biloba from 180 to 120mg/day. Reduced Alpha Lipoic Acid from 340 to 200mg/day. Started 81mg/day Aspirin. Stopped GlucoBalance, Glucosol, Biotin, and Glutathione. Added note on avoiding use of Stevia.