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Here's a typical breakfast for fact this is what I had on August 29, 2001

6:57am BG=9.6mmol/L (173mg/dL); the dawn effect, this is unusually high, normally around 8mmol/L


  • 8oz tomatoe juice mixed with 1 tbsp Organika Green Barley: 50 cals/0g fat/2g protein/8g carb-1g fibre
  • 8oz 1% milk (4oz with Whey Protein; 4 oz with cereal): 102 cals/2.5g fat/8g protein/12g carb
  • 30g, 5 tbsp, Whey protein: 114 cals/1.5g fat/22g protein/3g carb
  • 30g, 5 tbsp, Fibre1 cereal: 106 cals/0.8g fat/2.5g protein/24g carb-14g fibre
  • 1 tbsp UDO's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend (estimated): 88 cals/10g fat/0g protein/0g carb
  • Plus other vitamins/supplements; see list at

    Totals: 460cals/14.8g fat/34.5g protein/47g carbs-15g fibre

    As the figures show, I'm loosely following the ZONE diet approach (overall I minimize by suger intake; try to keep below 1800 cals/day; eat low-glycemic carbs most of the time, and try and eat in the ratio 1g fat/2g/protein/3g carb); I'm also trying to ensure I eat at least 25g of fibre/day)

11:46am BG=5.6mmol/L (101mg/dL)

Note: I've been trying Fibre1 cereal but I find that All-Bran Buds with Psyllium is better (30g: 70cals/0.7g fat/2.6g protein/25g carb-13g fibre)